ABC 20/20 Biased “experiment”

Posted: April 17, 2009 in 1
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I have often wondered if the Brady Center has writers working in all of the mainstream media outlets.  The recent 20/20 episode titled “If I only had a gun”  Strengthened that suspicion.

The set up, clearly aimed to support people who oppose concealed carry on campus, is in the guise of an “experiment”

In conjunction with a police department, ABC went to a college campus and offed free pistol training to students.  They then picked 6 of them and set them up in a lecture hall with other “students” one at time and gave them a gun (loaded with paint rounds).  At some point in the lecture, a “gunman” storms into the lecture hall and begins shooting people (also with paint rounds) to see if the students could defend themselves.  In some cases they had multiple gunmen to contend with.  Naturally most failed to hit the gunman, the unspoken conclusion is supposed to be that caring a gun wont save your life.

On the plus side they are quite correct that under stress your fine motor skills deteriorate, hitting a target becomes more difficult and you lose peripheral vision all of which are true.  What they fail to point out is the same thing is true for the gunman as well.  In their “experiment”  the gunman is a police firearms instructor who is perfectly calm because he knows it’s fake, perfectly sane, and after shooting the “professor”  makes a beeline for the kid in the class who he already knows has a weapon and shoots at the kid, and naturally hits him more times that he gets hit. To be perfectly fair, I am not sure how well I would have done in the same situation, I would like to think I understand shooting from cover better than these kids did, but until I face that same moment of truth  (I prey I never will!)I can only speculate.

If you were to reverse the experiment and hide several police officers in the room and send in a student as a gunman, I guarantee the gunman would be dropped fairly quickly.  Better yet, Hide some students in the room and dont tell the police”gunman”  While he is going after the gunman he knows about, the other one will drop him…

Since I look at the world differntly from the ABC Newsbats, what Isaw was most of the students drawing thier weapons and returning fire without hesitation or thought for their personal safety…they were risking thier lives for strangers, the kind of selfless act that used to be common in America.   No mention of thier willingness to fight, only their inability to take down a much better trained opponent.  In the movie Shooter , The young FBI Agent is called on the carpet by his superiors for being overpowered by sniper Bob Lee Swagger.  His reply was “I am only three weeks out of the academy, this guy was a combat veteran from Marine Force recon, I actually feel lucky to be alive”  ABC News want you to believe that unless YOU are as well trained as Bob Lee Swagger, that not carrying  a gun, standing up to crminals and monsters ,and cowering under a desk are the right things to do.  Fine!  Lets start Defensive Firearms training in the middle schools.  By High School Graduation, we will have a Nation full of AMERICANS who will not submit, will not cower, and will not tolerate criminal and terrorist predators walking the streets with the good people. of this country.

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