Wait, WHAT?

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Dianne Feinstein finally admitted it!  She said of the previous Assault Weapons ban:

“It had begun to do what we wanted it to do, which is to drive down the number of these guns over time,” she said. “The NRA has their statistics, I have mine.”

I thought the purpose of assault weapons bans was to reduce crime and protect our schools?  This would suggest the REAL purpose was to get semiautomatic rifles away from law-abiding citizens.   But that would mean that she told us something that wasn’t  true to support an agenda, and it would also mean that gun owners are NOT “heartless mother fuckers”  for resisting laws that are CLEARLY not designed to reduce crime.

She also failed to mention that the NRA Statistics came from Law Enforcement whereas Diane’s came from the Amalgamated Federation of Moon-bats local 6, department of wishful thinking…..


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