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It is incredibly comforting to know Paul Helmke in generous in sharing his crack rocks with Josh Sugarman and Co over at the Violence Policy Center.

The VPC funded a study…   hold on a second, lets start there.  If I were to pay shitloads of money to some group to conduct a study to find out if I was the sexiest man alive, what is the bet that they could find away that they could confirm to me that I am in fact the sexiest man alive?  So double or nothing,  if I  take this study to Angelina Jolie ‘s dressing room and show it to her, it will that cause her dress to fall to the floor, exposing her luscious…..wait where was I going with this?  oh yeah…just because I paid for a study to say it, it does not make it so.   Considering I look more like Larry the Cable Guy than Brad Pitt., I’m guessing study or no Angelina will not be impressed.  Back  to the Very Partial To Crack folks….

The VPC Claims that Gun ownership in America is at an all time low, less Women own guns now than in 1982, and basically having a gun in the home is a fad whose time has past and it should now take its rightful place in the back of the closet with Pet Rocks, Pop rocks, Chinese Jack and Furbys.

Mean while, at the FBI, NICS background checks, which is a decent indication of traffic at gun retailers has risen from 9,138,123 in 1999 to 14,409,616 in 2010.  Based on averages for 2011 up through may 31, we should be at 16,389,074 by Dec 31, 2011.

FBI says LEGAL gun purchases are at an all time high,  VPC says gun ownership at all time low.  How is this possible????

f you look at the VPC data, it was collected by calling random people and asking them if they own a gun.  Sweethearts, if some random survey called my house and asked me if I owned a gun, I would tell them HELL NO!  Apparently, gun owners don’t trust the motive of strangers calling their house to ask about their firearms.

Lets all conduct a VPC Style “study” !

1. Call random people from your local phone book and tell them you are conducting a survey to find out on average how much cash people keep in the house.  Want to bet they wont want to tell you if they do?

2. How about this, get a list of Orthodox Jews and call them up to ask them how often they eat ham?  Ham consumption in the U.S. must be at all time low you would surmise from the data.

3. look at the raw data for number of police officers per-capita and violent crime rates for Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Since there are 100 more police officers per 100,000 population  in Ma, and three times the per capita violent crime rate in Ma, we should publish an article in the  Huffington Post that having more police officers on the street leads to more violent crime.

The VPC uses biased studies, junk science  and outright lies to draw bizarre conclusions  for the sole purpose furthering the gun ban agenda.  Whats worse is they think the average American is stupid enough to believe them.  Here are my sources for the VPC and NICS information, don’t take my word for it, draw your own conclusions!

Click to access 060111_TotalNICSBackgroundChecks.pdf

Click to access ownership.pdf

  1. 2alago says:

    I underestimated the number of nics checks…I said above there would be almost 16.4 million…turns out there were just under 16.5 million….weird huh? ( I forgot to adjust for Christmas…)

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