No es culpa nuestra!

Posted: April 2, 2009 in 1

That’s Spanish for “Not our fault”

Apparently our newly minted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went down to Mexico and accepted the blame for the violence perpetrated by Mexican Drug cartels.  As usual, I am DUMBFOUNDED

How is a country with both large well funded criminal organizations, as well as a extremely corrupt government able to foist the blame off on the Law abiding gun owners of the U.S.? Because Hillary said so!

And, aw shucks since it is our fault that Mexico can’t control it’s borders either we are just going to have to pass strict gun laws to stop U.S. Citizens in places like New Hampshire, Montana and Virginia  from lawfully purchasing Semi-Auto firearms at legal guns stores because THAT will help keep the Mexican Drug Cartels from using Rocket propelled Grenades and Machine guns purchased from gang bangers, Organized crime syndicates, and international arms dealers against unarmed citizens.

And these assclowns are running our country for the next 4 years?  I bet they trully wonder why  folk ran out and blew their 5 year gun and ammo budgets before Obama took office!

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