The ‘Microstamping” lie and its uterior motive

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There is a lot of talk about “microstamping”  and elected moonbats cannot WAIT to co-sponsor any bill than includes this.  As a constituent, for or against gun ownership you should be insulted at how stupid you representative thinks you are.

The THEORY goes like this;  Gun makers etch a serial number on the the head of the firing pin on a semi automatic pistol, thus it would leave the number imprinted on the back of the casing.  Police arrive that the crime scene,pick up the spent casing, read the number off the back, look up the number, drive to the criminals house and arrest him.  Case solved faster than last weeks episode of  C.S.I.

The REALITY ( there’s that word moonbats hate so much) is much different.

1.  The technology does not actually exist yet. While state governments in places like CA and NY want to make it the law of the land, gun manufactures are unable to make guns that meet the requirements.  They would therefore be unable to sell guns in the states with this legislation.  Well, would you look at that?  It would become a back door gun ban!  How convenient for the gun banners!  After Microstamping fails to stop crime with semi-auto pistols, what is to stop them from including rifles and shotguns?  Why, nothing! In one fell swoop the antis could get rid of everything but revolvers! As long as we are legislating non-existent technology, what not pass a law that says car dealers can only sell cars that get 200mpg or better?

2. lets say for the sake of argument that the technology exist and actually was viable.  If I bought a microstamped gun, how would the police know to arrest me if committed a crime with it?  Why, they would have to have a list with my name on it! Isn’t that convenient?

3. Now lets say the technology were to exist and the registry now exists.  What Happens if I want to sell my gun to a buddy of mine  what then?  How would big brother be able to match the microstamping mark to the correct criminal?  Well I guess we would have to go to  gun dealer and got through a NICS check sothe new owner can be registered.  Say, as long as we do that for Microstamped guns, might as well do that for all of them huh? Wait, wouldn’t that get rid of that  “Gun show loophole”?  well what do you know about that?  This of course ignores the fact that Canada just spent a few BILLION on a gun registry only to find out that it doesn’t work and they are now scraping it.  Upon hearing of the failure of the gun registry, California has decided it wants to start a gun registry.

4.  Since new guns can only be legally sold through gun dealers and criminals cannot buy their guns legally, no one has mentioned how the micro stamped guns are going to get into the hands of criminals so they can commit these solvable crimes.  I am especially interested in how they are going to get criminals to register the microstamps?   The Supreme Court ruled in 1968 that criminals cannot be punished for failing to register their guns as it violates their 5thAmendment rights.

5.  If my microstamped gun is stolen and then used in a crime, the microstamp will tell police who USED TO own the gun, not who committed the crime.  I’m not a detective, but that does not strike me as a terribly useful piece of information

At this point does anyone but me see that the crime solving ability of this technology hinges solely on lawful gun owners suddenly turning to a life of crime?  I do see that it has spent a lot of money without solving any crimes yet.

So how easy would this be to defeat? TOO EASY

1. Use a revolver.  Revolvers don’t eave brass behind so stamping them would be pointless

2. Pick up your spent brass, better yet drop some casing picked up at a gun range as red herrings.

3.  Put a bag over your hand to catch the spent brass.  A 1 gallon zip lock and a  zip tie just like in the movie Mr Brooks should do the trick

4.  File Down the firing pin.  A monkey could do it.

5. Use a stolen gun

6. Change out the firing pin.  The thing is the size of a one inch nail used to set floor edge trim, can you imagine how easy it would be to smuggle those around?


There you go…. five reasons why microstamping won’t work and six ways to defeat it for little or no cost. Any politician who is supporting this idea is deliberately  wasting time and money.

  1. 2alago says:

    oh, and did I fail to mention that microsatmping technology is being promoted by the SOLE PATENT HOLDER who stands to make millions on this deal if it can be pushed through?

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