Anti-gun is a HATE CRIME!

Posted: April 24, 2009 in 1
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If you are a  liberal or progressive you might want to sit down for this one.


I once got jumped by three black guys on a train platform in Boston.   I’m told it would be wrong to blame all black people for this. 

On September 11th, Islamic terrorists killed thousands of Americans in D.C. and WTC (including 343 of my brothers) and they continue to kill American soldiers in the middle east.   I’m told it is wrong to blame all Muslims for these atrocities.

If A Hispanic person robs me, I shouldn’t blame all Hispanic people

If a gay activist gets in my face and pissed me off, it’d not right to blame all gay people


Drug crime out of control in Mexico?  Blame Lawful American Gun Owners!

Two Kids buy guns from a street criminal in Denver and shoot up Columbine High School?  Blame Lawful American Gun owners and the nonexistent “gun show loophole”

A psycho white supremacist shoots three police officers?  Blame and Punish Lawful American Gun Owners!

A gang banger shoots a 16 year old boy on a city bus?  Blame and Punish Lawful American Gun Owners!  And for good measure, name the absurd law after the victim (Blair Holt) whom the law wouldn’t have saved!

Not only shall we blame and punish them, we are going to stereotype them with every disingenuous term at our disposal!

Lawful gun owners are called Nuts, loonies, psychos, insane, small penised, Rambo wannabees, rednecks, hillbillies and many others.   Apparently lawful gun owners should be denied firearms because they are so unstable they could “snap”  at any minute!  They are portrayed as ready to shoot up whole neighborhoods at the slightest provocation, and that they WANT to kill people at the first opportunity.  Newspapers fight in court so they can publish the names of concealed carry permit holders for all to read, so that the “enlightened” folks can properly ostracize them from the community.

If you singled out ANY OTHER group by race, religion, or color and persecuted them the way the left and the media goes after this group of law abiding citizens, the A.C.L.U. would be on your doorstep with an injunction in 20 Minutes!  Imagine if you needed a permit to be Jewish, legally required to keep you Koranlocked up,restricted to certain “safe and approved” denominations of Christianity.  Would you stand by and be limited to only one church service a month?  What if it was a crime to practice your faithacross state lines?  What would you do if all Gays were required to register themselves with the state?  Would you support a ban on Catholicism if if could be proven it was the “religion of choice” for Mexican Drug cartels?  Are these not the same “common sense” and “reasonable restrictions” that people want applied to Lawful American Gun Owners?

Its Appalling, its wrong, its hypocrisy, its hate, and it should be opposed by all, whether you support gun rights or not.

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