Everyone should have an “assault weapon”!

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ban “assault weapons?  Are your kidding me?  they should be ISSUED!

Forgetting for a minute that there is actually no such thing,  What we are talking about is Semi-automatic rifle, and even though they are all the same for the sake of argument we will assume they tactical rifles.

The Founding Fathers crafted  the Second Amendment to ensure that American Citizens could always defend against and defeat a “standing army”.  Absent having an FFL and all the associated paperwork to own an actual M16A2 or an M4 Carbine, what would the next best thing be?

Call me crazy (and many do) but it would seem that a semi auto-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine in a sufficient caliber would be the thing to have would it not? Oh, and LOTS of Rounds.   Every home without prohibited persons in it should have at least one semi-auto rifle, shotgun and a pistol in it and everyone should be proficiant in their use.  In the Days when the Consisitution was drafted, every home had a musket over the hearth.  This is as good an idea today as it was then!


  1. lwk2431 says:

    Personally I think there are several good options. In order to vote you have to own a weapon suitable for military use approved by the Army. The serial number on the gun should be your voter registration card and everyone would bring their gun to the ballot box to be able to vote.

    Alternatively give those who own such weapons, or are licensed to carry concealed weapons in public an extra vote – one vote for themselves and one vote for their gun.


    • 2alago says:

      ooooooo….not a bad thought….I personanally have a problem with giving the Goverenment me serieal numbers, but I like the Concept!

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