Gun Lobby connect the dots

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever notice the Anti-freedom folks are always up in arms about “THE GUN LOBBY”  like it is some alien invading force hellbent on the destruction of all that is good and right with the world?    According to these moonbats, the majority of America would do away with guns altogether but THE GUN LOBBY forces Congress to go against the majority of right thinking people etc etc.  Problem is, they have no idea what the GUN LOBBY is.   Like any other lobbying group, the “gun lobby” represents the special interests of a certain industry.  Realtors, Oil companies, Home builders, Hotel owners all have lobby’s to watch out for their interests.  

  The complaint by the Antis is that they are too powerful and have too much money to spend.  ok, so where do they get the money? The all-powerful “gun lobby” is funded by American Gun manufacturers. ok, so where do THEY get all that money to spend?  why, from SELLING GUNS!   So, if they have a lot of money to spend, and it is from selling lots of guns, who bought all of those guns?   Contrary to what the Antis would have you belive, every new gun goes through THREE legal purchases before it can get into the hands of a criminal, so therefore if a gun manufacturer sells a million dollars worth of guns, that means they sold 2000 guns to American citizens that the Federal Bureau of Investigation said were legal to purchase.   Lets follow this a step further;  A portion of every gun purchase goes to fund the “GUN LOBBY” to help keep manufacturers in business.  Since the demand for their product is very high, then they are by proxy representing the wishes of a large number of Americans to be able to purchase their products.  How does that translate into the “Majority” of the country is opposed to gun ownership?  Simple-It doesnt!

in 2011, there were just under 16.5 MILLION  nics checks done, and allowing for the 1.3% denial rate that means  at least 14.3 milion guns were sold in the U.S. last year, the number is most likely higher.  To put that in perspective that is enough guns sold in the U.S. one year to arm each soldier in the world’s ten largest armies with one gun each and still have 4 million left over.  Since Nation wide 1 out of 3 Americans own a firearm and 5% of the population buys a new firearm, how do you trivialize these numbers?????

In addition to ignoring History, Logic, and Reason, the Anti will now need to ignore Math as well.

Moonbats are stupid.

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