H.R. 45 “Blair Holt”

Posted: March 7, 2009 in 1

It didn’t take long for our first piece of Anti gun legislation to surface.  Make no mistake, this is the  first probe to see how ready the Democratic Majority and Anti Gun Owner president and cabinet are to openly attack law abiding gun owners, but is an interesting start.

As usual, the Antis have focused on a CRIME to enlist public sympathy while they eneact new restrictions against people who DON’T commit crimes.

On fine day in “Safe and Gun Free” Chicago, 2 teenage gang-bangers boarded a city bus and one of them produced a handgun and began shooting people.  Blair Holt, a 16 year old honorsstudent heroicly flung himself on to a female student to protect her, suffering mortal wounds in the process.  Rep Bobby Rush stood over the casket at the funeral vowing to creata strong gun control legislation and a monthlater came up with this “Balir Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009”  My gut tells me this was already written and awaiting a name.

Some interesting side notes; the shooter is the same age as Blair Holt, and was just expelled from the same high school.  I graduated in a class of 534 and I knew everybody, at least by name and social grouping.  I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have know each other.  Blair Holt’s father is a Chicago cop assigned to a gang unit. How freaky is THAT coincidence? 

To recap, A juvenile gang member, who is too young to legally own a firearm, carried a handgun which was obtained illegally, in a city that has bans lawful possession of handguns, committed a murder and and assault, and managed to kill a kid he knew from school whose dad happens to be a cop specializing in arresting gang members.

So, since gang violence and retribution can’t be to blame, what can we do to honor this boys memory? Punish every Law abiding gun owner in the country by enacting a federal licenicng system, and make DAMN sure that no one sells their personal property without governemnt interfearence?  What a great idea!   Better tell Uncle Holder all about that rifle you sold your hunting buddy,  He wants to be sure to write it all down,….you know just in case the information could become usefull….

Be carefull teaching your children gun safety,  you will be a federal felon if you let them “access” the firearm…ten years in the Big House for teaching your child sport shooting.  While the act has to do with the child shooting someone, there is enough of a loophole in that section to put a Boy Scout rifle instructor away for life.

If you move you better make sure you tell Uncle Holder! If you dont make sure he knows where you live within 60 days YOU my freind are now a federal criminal!  I guess there isnt a lot of difference between parolees and law abiding citizens.  The Feds did such a great job keeping an eye on Whitey Bulger after all…

Oh and whats this?  Sec 202 (c) of the Act?  Oh, we found away to sneak in a gun registry! It quietly repeals the provisions that prevent the Government from maintaining  a list of who owns what gun and where they keep it. Never mind that in U.S. v. Haynes 1968 we found out that CRIMINALS CANNOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HAVING UNREGISTERED WEAPONS  because it violates their 5th amendment rights. 

So because Blair Holt tragicly lost his life to gang violence, the Distingished Gentleman from Illinois wants to pass a series of laws in his honor that WOULD NOT HAVE SAVED HIS LIFE had they been in place before the crime occured!

  1. Kellene says:

    This is a fascinating post on Blair Holt and the connections with the shooter. You said it – the shooter procured the weapon illegally – figures – and these laws they want to enact wouldn’t have prevented his death. They’re just trying to disarm law abiding citizens who have the right to protect themselves.


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