Gun Buybacks?

Posted: March 6, 2009 in Freedom
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Among the more ridiculous Anti-gun schemes is the gun “buy back”   They work like this; in an effort to “rid the streets of guns” officials announce a date and place where people can bring unwanted guns and turn them into police and receive cash or gift cards.  The guns are then destroyed.   This idea is so outrageously stupid it is hard to believe that the people who come up with these are able to walk among us with out medication or a day pass. Here are the problems with this lunacy

Problem 1.  Unless the municipality sold the guns in the first place, they can very well buy them back now can they?

Problem 2. If you dont examine each gun to find out if it was involved in a crime, the police are buying evidence  that they will then destroy.  If they are testing them, then criminals won’t bring in guns that were used in a crime, which then defeats the stated purpose

Problem 3.  You might be buying gun stolen from someone else, and not only are you buying evidence and helping to conceal a crime, but you are failing to return an inocent persons rightful property.

Problem 4.  Some buybacks give away too much money.  Oakland officials gave out $250 per gun turned in.  Instead of getting criminals ready to shed their lives of crime, they got hundreds of dealers dumping low cost stock.  A Hi-Point handgun costs less than $150 new, so theoretically I could buy 10 new Hi-Points, turn them in and make $1000 for my troubles.

Problem 5.  Um….isn’t buying guns without a background check or a dealer’s licence something the Law  frowns upon?, I guess its okay if you are the police though….

Problem 6. Authorities are forever auctioning off cars, and boats and all kinds of confiscated property.  In my State, they collect all of the pocket knives and what not rounded up by the TSA at the airport and sell them at surplus property sales.  Why destroy the guns?  The guns could be sold at special “dealer-only” events and thus generate revenue, for say more buyback programs?

Problem 7.  In order to believe in a scheme like this, you would have to believe that those poor old criminals out there wish they could give up their lives of crime, but alas, if only there was someone out there who could just help thme  find a way to rid themselves of the gun, and give them perhaps a pair of sneakers they would forever walk in the path of light……   Of course to believe this you would also have to believe that guns make innocent people commit crimes and that criminality  has nothing to do with laziness, greed, or other human weaknesses…..

Every time I see a politiciantouting the virtues or their gun buyback on the news, I wonder how this Hockey-helmeted window licker of the short bus got elected in the first place.  It is truly beyond me….

  1. Kellene says:

    We saw an ad to trade in your gun for something like $30 worth of groceries. It’s ridiculous. Don’t people know their firearms’ worth???

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