The New Hampshire Problem

Posted: March 1, 2009 in Freedom
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Every time the Gun Control  folks try desperately to link violent crime to lawful gun ownership, they find themselves having to rearrange the map of the U.S., mostly to remove States like New Hampshire and Vermont.  They will make references to Virginia and other states, but Northern New England?  NO way.  It unravels their whole case

New Hampshire is bad for Gun Controllers, so much so they act as if it isn’t here.  There was once a Cease-Fire  chapter in NH, but apparently they couldn’t get enough  membership as they are now gone without a trace.  There might  be a Million Mom chapter, all I could find was an email address on the  main website of the Brady Bunch.  They certainly don’t turn up for legislative hearings so I doubt that they even exist.  I guess N.H. Moms know that gun safety for their children involves education and training and not paranoid fanaticism and unworkable gun schemes.  About half the NH. Moms I know shoot, and one (God bless her) gave her daughter a pink rifle/shot gun combination for her 12th birthday.  The girl (no tomboy btw, very girlie) was overjoyed by the gift. 

The Anti-freedom Brady Center gives NH an “F” on their annual “scorecard” of the states.  D.C. ,although not rated, has been their favorite “success story” for years because it had the strictest gun control in the country.  Even though it was the murder capitol of the U.S. several times since the gun bans took effect, they claim that the D.C gun ban saved “countless lives”.  Even in the face of staggering numbers of murders and criminal violence, they claim the numbers would be far worse were it not for the bans.   Even on rare instances when they admit the ban isnt working, they are quick to point out that is no reason to get rid of the ban.   By their reckoning New Hampshire with it “F’ rating should be a much more dangerous place.  NH does have about 3 times the population but has ONE TENTH the violent crime of D.C.  Where is all of the violance that is supposed accompany armed citizens?  Using police estimates, there are more armed citizens in New Hampshire than there are citizens in Washington D.C.!


The Million Misguided Mommies who are part of the Brady Center actually have a link to tallies of child firearms deaths., but did you know only ONE child of the 29  who died from a gunshot in N.H. between 2000-2005 was under the age of 10 ?  so much for “don’t shoot I want to grow up” The rest of the deaths were mostly in the hyper-suspicious 15-19 year old category.  I find it funny that 18 and 19 year olds who are legal adults qualify as “children” when it suits the Brady bunch’s purposes.  Never mind how many 18 and 19 year olds are at this moment serving our country in harm’s way all across the globe.

Sure, 29 children dead is 29 too many but compared to the 227 children who died in “Gun Free” D.C.  which has 1/3 the population, you begin to see why the gun grabbers like to pretend the Granite State doesn’t exist. 

Now if you take the number 29 and look at the causes,  the picture changes even more, (keep in mind I am getting these numbers form the Brady bunch themselves)  Of the 29, 21 were suicides.  While the gun controllers would have you believe that banning guns would have saved these kids, people don’t kill themselves because they have a gun, it is because they are depressed or despondent.  It  cannot  be proven that they would not have found another way, and most suicides are not firearms related to begin with.  It is very doubtful gun control would have saved them.  This then leaves 8 other child firearms deaths in 5 years. 6 of these were homicides, which are crimes and therefore NOT related to law abiding gun ownership.  So in 5 years we have ONE accidental child firearm death(a child between 15-19) , and one indeterminate cause.  Contrast  that with D.C. where 220 out of 227 are homicides.  You don’t have to have an I.Q. over your shoe size to see that gun control can do nothing save our children. Sure, you could argue that “one child dying is too many”  and I would tend to agree, but when you realize that exponentially more children die in swimming pools and trampolines it is hardly this grand epidemic that needs all civilians disarmed for the sake of “the children”.  The Brady’s also fail to mention what would be the fate of the people who use of lawfully owned firearms for self defence in the Granite State, most often without firing a shot.  Would the deaths and injuries of those people  (including other children) be worth it to save less than one child a year?  The Brady’s sure think so!  There is also the deterent factor.  Most criminals who opperate in NH know that most people have guns and have laws to protect them should they need to use deadly force to stop a criminal attack.  Consequently, criminals stick to selling drugs, stealing cars, burglerly and crimes that dont bring them face to face with their vicitms.  If Brady/Obama style gun control were brought to NH, the crminals would have nothing holding them back form attacking people on the streets.

Everytime a city, state or region is thinking about shall issue concealed carry, out of the wo0dwork come the gun control folks, making wild claims about “blood flowing in the streets” and “shootouts over parking spaces”.  They even call laws protecting citizens forced to fire their weapons in self defence “shoot the Avon lady” laws.  If these things were true, why dont they happen in New Hampshire or Vermont? Mrs. 2ALAGOwas an Avon lady for three years, nobody shot her.  Her Grandmother was an Avon Lady for over 25 year and was never shot at once.  The inconvenient  truth is that Law Abiding Gun Owners are just that, and civilian gun ownership is not responsible for the acts of violent criminals.  Just vist the Granite State!

Anytime the gun grabbers spew forth their mongered fear, all one needs do is look to New Hampshire to see if they hold any weight.  Then ask them “if what you say is true, why doesnt it happen in New Hampshire?”

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