999,999 Mom March

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Many years ago, Mrs. 2alago sent in a check to the Million misguided mommies.  We don’t recall, but we both believe at the time they were more about education than bans (or they just had not shown their true colors yet)  Regardless,  she has always tolerated my firearms, and on the occasions where we ran off two intruders, one a coyote, the other had two legs, she understood why we need them.  She REFUSED to learn how to handle or shoot them.

A small town near by which has as low a crime rate as we do suffered a horrific and unspeakable tragedy.  4 teenage boys, for reasons no one can comprehend, broke into an isolated house at the end of a dirt road, and butchered a young mother and her 9-year-old daughter.  The little girl survived, now scared for life, both physically and emotionally.  What struck home for my lovely wife, was that the targets were chosen because of how isolated the house was.  To her horror, Mrs. 2alago realized that described our house!

She came to me that night and said “You win, I need to learn how to shoot….”  You would think that I was would be excited by this, but instead my heart sank.  I told her that no, indeed I did not win.  The world finally scared her enough to the point she needs to be armed to feel safe.  That is not a victory for anyone.  Her exact words to me were “I refuse to be a victim”

On a lighter note, I started her off on .22 revolver.   Before the end of the day, had graduated to my .357 (loaded with .38, but DAMN!) and then moved to my Glock 17!  When she says she is going to learn to shoot BY GOD the girl means business!

So I guess there is at least one less member of the “Million Mom March”

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