I’ve got it! Vote permits!

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was reading about how Mayor Daley was trying to find new and intersting ways to not have to allow law abiding residents of Chicago the GOD GIVEN right to Keep and Bear Arms. In the six or so articles I read, most from Chi-town Fish wrappers, I noticed the reader comments were 100% against Daly. So I wondered how this assclown gets elected year after year when his election clearly benefits the criminals…and thats when it hit me….THE CRIMINALS ARE VOTING FOR HIM!!!! This is how he must be winning a majority vote! Therefore, I think we should have everyone in CHicago have to fill out the same NICS paperwork I do to buy a gun in order to vote! If the criminals can’t vote, Daly wont get elected, CHicagoins can elect someone who will let them protrct themselves easily, crime will fall, and so to will the city budget! How easy is that?

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