Gun Control Cowards

Posted: January 24, 2009 in 1

I have been politically active on Second Amendment Issue for several years now, and my attempts to address the absolutely reprehensible gun owner slam job by Lydia Cornell on her blog have fallen on the same deaf ears they always do.  Her treatment was so one-sided, disingenuous, arrogant, and factually oblivious that it was as if Sara Brady  wrote it herself.  It finally hit me (I’m a little slow these days)  that never once has one of these gun control “true believers” ever been willing to respond to so much as thumb wrestle with pro gun rights person.  They are sooooo tough sniping at gun owners, the NRA, and the Constitution when they are not face to face with anyone in opposition.  Michael Moore BS’d his way into Charlton Heston’s house posing as an NRA member to harass the poor man while he was suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Rosie O’ Doughnut….Donnell (Freudian slip, sorry)  ambushed Tom Seleck on her show and managed to NOT let him speak.  The only time I have seen one come out in to the open was  George  Soros’ terrier Rebbecca Peters to debate Wayne LaPierre at King’s College.  Josh Sugarman and Paul Helmke always hold hold press conferences sans the opposition or they bring those frauds from American Hunters and Shooters Association which is of course a puppet organization of the gun controllers.  They supported Obama for president claiming “he gets it”  even though he and Biden are two of the most ardent gun control people in American politics.  They didn’t like Palin even though she is an ACTUAL hunter. 

It seems as if they KNOW they will loose the battle if they come out and fight with Honor.  I challenge ANY gun control supported to come out into the open and debate this issue.  Unless of course you are afraid gun control to be exposed for what it truly is; THE GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD!

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