Lydia Cornell

Posted: January 25, 2009 in 1

This is the reply I sent to Lydia Cornell…. She did this whole piece on her blog where by gun owners were called weaklings, suggested that were lived in fear and were basically insane.  Gee thanks….I don’tunderstand golfers but I don’t post blogs insulting them!  As far as living in fear, what have I got to be afraid of? I’m armed and prepared to defend myself.

Her other suggestion is that we carry tasers instead of guns.   OK, if you DONT know why that’s a bad plan perhaps you should talk to someone at your local gun store (who usually sells tasers as well) and get educated before you spout off at the mouth.  Keep in mind this dizzy chick is an AM radio talk show host in Las Vegas of all places (known for its sence of reality) and played a dippy blonde on a b grade 80’s sit com.  I remember the show being on, but I am sure I never watched it.

Her opening paragraph suggested an entire school of students and teachers waving guns around.  I suppose someone who believes the smurfs are real might by buy that bololgna.  No one EVER suggested arming students Except for allowing college students who qualify for CCW to carry. 

 2alago said…
WOW……I was so dumbfounded reading you blog about tasersI stared at it for ten minutes. What a perfect misunderstanding of the Second Amendment, Law abiding gun ownership not to mention a delicious assortment of sterotypes…Your “imagine this” opening is the most ridiculous notion I have ever heard. Allowing CCW permited TEACHERS to carry is 1000 times removed from that positivly STUPID assertion of yours. (Kinder words failed me)

Whats wrong with tasers? Are you serious? Do you know how CLOSE you have to be with one of those? and, have you thought about what you are going to do after the taser wears off? its only good for 1 or 2 minutes and now in addition to a criminal who means you harm, he’s REALLY MAD NOW! Cops tase a suspect and have to rush to get him in cuffs before it wears off. Are you saying we should carry cuffs too? Besides, even if you can hold him until the police arrive, he will get out on bail andhe might just want to come back to your house to “Chat” with you about taseing him and getting him arrested.

All thoses test you want to administer are great….who pays for them, and also how are you going to make sure that the murders, rapists, and terrorists show up for their testing? Or are you suggesting only the 85 million law abiding American gun owners who committed no crimes today are th only ones who have to take the test? What other constitutional rights should we have to have a battery of test to excercise? how about the First? Same battery of tests to be a bloger whaddaya say?

Only 24 Justified shootings? acording to who? per DAY maybe! According to the FBI there are about 2 MILLION defensive firearms uses annually, the vast majority requiring no shots fired (which is how gun owners like it-sorry to disappoint)

Jesus, are you sure the Brady center didn’t write your blog for you? This “article” has every one of their cliches in it. “high powered assultweapon” I would LOVE to go to a gun store with you and have you show me the “high powered assualt weapon” section. Bet you a steak dinner you have no idea which one is which.

Since when can non U.S. Citizens pass a U.S. federal background check? They cant so that is a LIE that you were obviously told. Terrorists like Al Quada can get actual full auto military equipment for a fraction of the price of the look-a-like semi auto stuff in U.S. Gun shops …they truly wouldn’t waste the time buying them here.

Calling me a Rambo wannabe and weakling was extremely disingenuous and wholly unbecoming a professional talk show host. imagine the offence you would take if I said the only people who support gun control are air headed Hollywood d-list blonds? Not very nice or accurate is it? Too bad you could extend me that courtesy….

It is obvious that you did not even REMOTELY examine both sides of the issue (aweful biased for a talk so host dont you think?), so allow me to issue YOU a challange. You have my blog info 2alago on wordpress…drop me a comment or whatever andI will be happy to supply you with the information the Brady bunch does not want you to have ( mostly from the U.S. Government). Mind you, I have never once had a pro gun control person EVER take me up on it, I guess not everyone has the same courage of their convictions that I do. It is as if they are afraid that opening their mind might allow it to be changed

-2alago (2nd Amendment Law Abiding Gun Owner)

I am NOT holding my breath…..she also does not have a direct email that I found…I guess she is such a “popular celebrity” (sarcasm intended) that she is worried about the flood of emails……

It is people like this that allow the criminals to sleep well at night…..

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