Why should winners compromise?

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In February,  head Brady Boob Paul Helmke addressed the national Women’s Democratic club and was talking about “compromise and consensus” about guns and generously, he thinks that we can “meet in the middle”

Meet in the middle?  MEET IN THE MIDDLE?????   ARE YOU FRACKING SERIOUS?????

The Brady Bunch LOST THE WAR!!! and now they think they should be given half a victory anyway?  Just how many Sheen Rocks is this fruit loop on anyway?

First they got trounced in Heller  but, that didn’t count in their world because that only applied to the gun ban in the federal district, not the states

This set the Stage for their beating in McDonald in which millions of dollars had to be spent to the tell Brady’s “yes, the Constitution applies to the states too”

Had both decisions gone in their favor would they be willing to meet gun owners in the middle?  OH HELL NO!  It would have been “Mr and Mrs America turn them all in!”


This is what would have  happened to Millions if not Billions of dollars in personal property had the Brady’s gotten their way…..what about these images suggest “compromise” to you?

So in the ultimate case of denial,  Helmke will now try to portray the victors as horrible people unwilling to “compromise” to his way of thinking.  I wonder what other constitutional rights he thinks we should “compromise”?  How about we compromise the First Amendment?  Only “legimate” journalists shall have freedom of speach but we can shut down the blogosphere?  How about we compromise an only allow “main stream” religons to operate?   Perhaps we can compromise unreasonable search and seizure?   The  U.S.  Constitution is Non-negotiable and it is NOT to be “compromised”

Repeat after me Helmke you fracking ASSCLOWN  “NO AMERICAN ‘COMPROMISES’ CONSITUTIONAL RIGHTS, NOW OR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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