Are we there yet?

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

While so much has happened in just the last five years or so, we still have a way to go.  I was asked years ago by someone who thought I was some sort of Neanderthal for owning a gun what goal was going to make me happy.

Nationally reciprocated no permit required concealed carry.   My life is as valuable in MA or NY. as it is in NH. I should be able to protect myself there without having to pay fees and go through hassles everywhere I go.

Nationally recognized Castle doctrine. Every law-abiding citizen should have the right to protect their life and property, or the lives of others everywhere they have a legal right to be.  That this is even a question is a problem.

Remove suppressors from the restricted list.  This is just plain stupid!  “Silencers” are supposedly only good for murders so that you can’t own one….UNLESS you send the Government $200 for a tax stamp! as long as you have  a FFL and a bunch of money well then I guess it’s ok…..  The number one reason people give for wanting ranges closed is noise!  here is a simple and inexpensive (if government interference be removed!) accessory that will reduce noise, protect the hearing of shooters.  Besides, poke around you tube…making a homade supressor is easy for people who want to kill others, so what is the point in restricting it?  Not a single life has been saved.

National destruction of ALL registration records.  There is no benign reason for a gun registry and once we get to national no-permit required concealed carry, local registries will be useless anyway.

Legal presumption of self-defence.  If a citizen if forced to use deadly force to defend their life, they should not have to be subject to immediate arrest and have criminal proceedings against them being  a given.  This would not prevent police for investigating if something does not look right, but If I shoot a guy in my living room at 3 am from out-of-town who is dressed in black and has a list of priors for burglary, there should be no reason to cuff me and drag me off to jail and put me through a trial.  

Elimination of the NICS system.   Ok, I realize this one will be a tough sell  but NICS has not stopped a single criminal from owning a gun and the Antis use NICS as a hammer to smash  my ability to sell a freind a rifle or give my gun to my kids when I pass.  Since there wont be any registration records, there will be no way to track them anyway so trying to force me put my son through a NICS check at an FFL to record the serial of the weapon is pointless.  This will also make transactions easier for retailers and can expand their business beyond state lines.  I might be in favor of some kind of OPTIONAL national FID card that means “ok to sell to” that has to be presented to a dealer before a purchase, but it would have to be free or VERY cheap, hassle free, and big brother-proof.

We are closer evey day, and I hope we can keep the momentum going unil these “reaosnable” lack of restrictions are passed!

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