Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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That is  latin for “who watches the watchers?”

The ATF has failed to produce any of the subpoenaed paperwork asked for by Congress as part of the ongoing investigation into Project Gunrunner  and Operation Fast and Furious.   To sum these ops up, since the Obama administration decided that drug cartel violence is the fault of American Gun dealers, and that there must be a flow of guns into Mexico,  The ATF is  helping see to it that guns are smuggled into Mexico so they can prove that the guns are indeed being smuggled into Mexico, so that they can then stop the flow by forcing American Gun dealers to keep lists of anyone who buys more than one gun at a time.   In case you did not follow that, the ATF had to help create the problem they are supposed to solve.   In theory, they were tracking the whereabouts of these guns  so that they could apprehend the king pins and have a large bust that looks great on 20/20, or other news programs.  There were two problems; first was that the Gun dealers were calling the ATF and telling that there were shady people trying to buy guns and would they please come out and do something and were basically told “oh no, sell them LOTS of guns, don’t worry we are keeping an eye on them”.  My understanding is that the dealers were happy to help, but wanted som kind of documentation to CYA…I dont know if they got it or not.   The second problem was that some of these guns that they were “watching” turned up on the murder scene of a border patrol agent…..whoops!  Some ATF agents started blowing the whistle on what was going on and now the rush is on to cover this up in every way possible. 

These are the assholes who can no-knock my house in the middle of the night for any reason they so choose and not share any of those reasons with me.  These guys are the closest thing to a Geheime Staatspolizei as our country has.   For years they have pushed around law-abiding businesses  over  stupid minor paperwork issues and other minutiae .  They have far too much power and apparently do not believe that THEY have to follow any particular laws themselves. including a direct order from congress! 

SHould we have some kind of federal firearms enforcement?  Of course, but they need to be individually accountable for their actions. if serving a warrent on a person without a record, start by knocking on the door, during the day, show creds, and be preprared to let the person read warrent, find out who signed it and who gave them the information.  oh, and they should DO WHAT CONGRESS TELLS THEM TOO!

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