Helmke should be ashamed

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday, the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts (one town over from Lexington and maybe 30 minutes outside of Boston)   was evacuated and locked down while a SWAT team went through the building looking for a “gunman” to prevent a mass shooting.   Of course it turned that some frightened little moonbat saw a guy with an UMBRELLA and sounded the alarm  Paul Blart (ironically this is the mall they used for the movie!) and company initiated a code red and everybody went plumb off the deep end.  By the time this ridiculous response was organized, the innocent shopper had left  and went to work at the hospital a couple of doors down.  He saw this thing  on the news and turned himself in.  There is video of the cops frisking him and everything. Personally, I think the guy should have not come forward and let everyone chase their tails for a couple of weeks.

I live an hour and a half  north of there and people carrying rifle is fairly common sight.  Most folk here don’t panic at the very sight of a firearm.

So Paul Helmke and the rest of the anti-freedom crowd should be ashamed of themselves for mongering such fear that could panic an entire shopping mall full of people over an umbrella!  Prior to 1968 and the “gun control” movement, anyone could own a gun, nobody panicked if they saw one in public and crime was a hell of lot lower.

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