“Guns in the Workplace” Lie

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you want to see if the Anti-self defence folks think YOU are an idiot, check this one out!

To hear the Brady bunch tell it,  we are fighting to be able to carry a six-shooter on our hip into the office and twirl it at the water cooler, with our boss powerless to do anything about it.  THAT IS (say it with me)  A LIE

Here is the real question; When you park your car in the company parking lot, does that give your boss the right to search the inside of your car and take disciplinary action against you for anything he finds that he doesn’t like?  The Brady bunch PUSHES for this!

As is sometimes the case, the fight for gun rights also helps other rights as well.  First of all, NO ONE on the pro gun side is advocating anything other than being able to keep a lawfully owned firearm LOCKED in your car for your protection when you drive to and from work.  If your employer does not want you to carry into their building  that’s fine, but inside your car should be off-limits.

Does the Helmke crowd really believe that having a rule against having a gun locked in your car is going to deter a workplace shooting?

This is Michael “Mucko” McDermott who on the day after christmas in 2000 calmly got up from is desk and murdered 7 co-workers.  One of my best friends, and shooting buddies worked at this company and was there that day.  All he could do was run out the door like everyone else.  Mucko told the court that he was born without a soul and God was letting him earn one by traveling back in time to kill Nazis.   Gee, Paul, I guess you are right, a law allowing employers to set policies against  having a gun locked in your car might have deterred Mucko, and reduced him to strongly worded emails.

Here is the other thing the Brady Bunch does not want you to consider either; If you boss can search your car and fire if you if he finds guns, what else can they find and terminate you for?  Drugs?  Porn? how about a political campaign materials like an Obama button?  a Bible?  The employment section of the newspaper?

The inside of a car belonging to an embassy is considered an extension of the sovereign territory of that nation, thus is cannot be searched.  Would it not stand to reason then that the inside of your car is likewise an extension of your house and therefore off-limits for your boss to search? 

To recap, the Brady’s want your boss to be able to search your car and go through your personal possessions for things they can terminate you for, to insure that you lack the abilty to defend yourself on your ride to and from work.  They dont word it this way, but that is what they want.

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