“Magic Police” lie

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This one NEVER gets called out by the lamestream media.

With no disrespect to my  rank and file cousins in blue, did you notice that no matter what the ban is, there is ALWAYS an exception for “Law enforcement”.  In Massachusetts a Glock is considered an “unsafe” gun (mostly because they did not pay $5000 per model for the state to “test” them) but they are safe enough to issue to cops.  No one “Needs” a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds because that is unsafe, except for police.  Every “common sence restriction” that these guys come up with has an LEO exception.  WHAT THE FRACK IS SO MAGIC ABOUT POLICE?????????


My friends in law enforcement tell me that they spent only a couple of days on weapons training in their months at the academies.    Three days training gives you superhuman knowlege and abilites of firearms far superior to that of mear mortals?  OOOOHHHHHHH Sign my ass up please!  I fired my first shot 30 years ago, and after all these years I find  I just needed to take a LEO pistol class and bing!  I am a master pistol shooter, immune from FTF, Accidental discharges, missing my target and all of the other things that never happen to cops.

Remeber this guy?  Lee Paige of the DEA.  While lecturing a group of students, he uttered those words and within seconds shot himself (and his career) in the foot.  The video is all over Youtube.  I guess he sliped out early on day three of firearms training when he was to be sprinkled with the magic pixie dust to make him more “professional” than my dumb ass…….

Make no mistake. police carry wepons to protect THEMSELVES  and as a result they need to have the best avaible, and I totally agree (hell I PAY for their weapons!).  But if after carefull research and testing the NYPD, DEA, and the FBI determine this is the best choice for thier officers and agents  to protect themsleves, is a 15 round Glock 22 pistol in  .40 cal would that not make it a  good choice for me to use to defend myself?

A LEO’s life is very valuable indeed but why does Paul Helmke think my life is less valuable?

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