Machine Gun Ban Lie

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Freedom
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I was just reading an article by Paul Helmke of the Brady campaign against self-defense and civil rights, written during the Heller trial.  While I was disgusted by his practically  gleeful expectation that the Supreme Court  would  find that somehow only 9 of the 10 amendments in the Bill Of Rights apply to individuals, it was a small lie that slipped through that caught my attention.  He referenced the “Federal ban on Machine guns”  As I have mentioned before, I feel that Mr. Helmke’s drug use far surpasses that of  Mr. Charlie Sheen.  For someone with as scholarly a view of gun laws as he supposed to have (He was Mayor of Fort Wayne after all.  I don’t know what the Frack that has to do with anything, but he works it into every interview) that he failed to realize that Machine Guns are not banned nor have they ever been.  While they have been HEAVILY restricted since 1934, The attorney general at time realized that an outright ban was unconsititutional. Instead they came up with a draconian set of challenges and outrageous taxes to make owning them near impossible for average citizens.  It simply amazes me how many things the Government thinks are terrible for people to do….unless a tax is paid in which case it is perfectly fine. So lt me show you what they DON’T want you to know

The gun in this picture is a fully auto ak-47.  This means if you press and hold the trigger, it will continue to fire rounds until you release the trigger, or you run out.  it is a “machine gun”

An American Citizen has always been able to own a gun like this and it was NEVER banned in the U.S.   The citizen has to be willing to fill out tons of paperwork and write lots of checks to the government, but it was never banned.   Paul Helmke, CNN, Broward County Sheriff  and the VPC  all want you to belive that this is the type of gun that was part of the 1994 “Assault weapons ban”  but this is a LIE and they knew it then too.

This is a Semi automatic version of the AK-47.   The difference between this on and the one above if that if you press the trigger, only ONE round is fired until you release the trigger and squeeze it again.  Just like pistols, revolvers, shotguns and hunting rifles.  It is NOT a “Machine gun”  This gun was banned because it LOOKED like a machine gun!  So machine guns were not banned, just guns that look like machine guns.  Is it any wonder that the AWB did nothing to save lives or reduce crime?  I will write more in-depth about the “assault weapons lie” when I get some more time

incidentally, an Iraqi citizen living in American controlled areas of Iraq can own and carry a fully automatic “machine gun” like  Osama’s and many do.  The decision was made by the U.S. Military early on to not try deprive people of a means of self-defence.  Menawhile in the United States we have to fight for the same rights, and have to put up with restricitons, fees, and bureacracy.  What is wrong with this picture?







  1. John Hoffman says:

    The AK shown that Ben Laden was firing is a AK-74 adopted by Russia in 1974 it’s a selective fire weapon Semi, three round burst or full auto fires a 5.45 by 39 mm round much like our M-16 but it’s
    better. The US Army copied the selective fire with the 3 round burst with the M16-A4 on the old M16
    it was almost impossible to get off the trigger fast enough to get only 3 rounds off on full auto!

    • 2alago says:

      I stand corrected on the model! I hope you will forgive me..however would you accept the premise as valid?

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