Why the United Nations want Americans disarmed

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Freedom
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For American gun owners, it is no secret that the United Nations wants us disarmed in the world’s worst way.  Hillary Clinton and Obama certainly stand ready to assist this.  care to wonder why?

If you take a look at the 10 largest standing armies in the world, and add up the number of active duty troops, you come up with 10,129,355 (source: Wikipedia).  fortunately, there is no way to know for sure, but the number of armed citizens in the United States is estimated between 60 and 85 million.  Since all citizens that are not in the military or national guard comprise the unorganized militia (based on language in various state constitutions such as New Hampshire), it is therefore easy to state that the armed membership of the United States Unorganized Militia is easily the world largest armed force. 

 If every armed citizen were prepared to defend this country with their arms against invasion in support of the brave men and women of the U.S. Military, there is not a country or group of countries on earth that could defeat the U.S. militarily on our own soil without nukes, bioweapons etc. 

While this is an oversimplification, and the numbers may not be 100% accurate, the concept remains very valid.  This is part of what makes the U.S. a formidable adversary indeed and why the rest of the world would like to see us reduced in power.  The worst thing we can do as a country is let them!

  1. Fr. Onesimus says:

    While an armed citizenry is important, they are not enough. Only a revival of genuine, heart-felt, repentance and prayerful Religion can save this country.

    • 2alago says:

      Good Point. Perhaps you could work with some of these “faith based” organizations that are trying to help disarm us because “Jesus would not have carried a gun”? Do you recall the last miracle Jesus performed before the Crucifixion?

      • 2alago says:

        For those who don’t know, Jesus reattached the ear of Roman soldier. the night he was arrested. How did the Roman’s ear get lopped off? One of the disciples hacked it off with a sword. This means that the disciples were armed! Next a chrstian orgnaization come out in support of gun control…point out THAT little jem!

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