Bekah Warren

Posted: May 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This post is dedicated to the memory of a beautiful young lady who has been tragically taken from us WAY to soon.

 In addition to my work here on this blog, I am also a firefighter/EMT.  I responded to a car accident the other night to what turned out to be a fatal car accident involving a 16-year-old girl.  To be truthful, I was unable to recognize her.  Since I am the parent of a teenager and a pre-teen and this is a rural community, I knew there was a very high probability that my oldest would know her.  We were all devastated to learn that it was a young lady who was very close to my child and our family.  As if nothing could be worse than this, Bekah died ONE WEEK after her father succumbed to brain cancer.  I cannot understand how the Warren Family is able to carry on with this burden.

Please hug your loved ones tonight, tell them how you feel, and never take them for granted.

Please check back with this blog as there will be an effort to help the family and I will of course dedicate the meager resources of 2alago to assist.




  1. katie says:

    the warren family is close to us bekahs brother george is in our class and the WHOLE school had a moment of silence it was sad i first i thought that she had moved because she was fun to be with but then we had a meeting and i found out she had died. i think im going to cry

  2. 2alago says:

    We ALL cried at our house…I could barely see when I typed the post. Even now its still so hard to believe…..

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