Do NOT trust the Police

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay, I’ll admit that title was to SEO my blog a little,  however when it comes to RTKBA or CCW, you cannot always trust the police to have our best interest at heart.

I often read how the Police Chief, or Sheriff of a “may issue ” Jurisdiction goes on record of saying how very few permits they give out etc etc, average citizens are not as well trained as police blah blah blah.

The Antis point to the police as the “experts” about guns and see?  they don’t think people should have guns either.

Well of course they don’t think YOU need a gun, and why should they care? THEY CAN CARRY A GUN ANYWHERE THEY WANT!

Why isn’t ANYONE going to call them on this hypocrisy?  Rosie O’Donnell has an armed bodyguard while saying that if you own a gun you should go to jail? The Clintons rant against gun ownership from with in a taxpayer funded perimeter  of heavily armed secret service, and Chiefs of Police who carry a gun home for protection get to decide if you deserve the privilege of being allowed to protect yourself and family?

I say the next time the antis propose more restrictions on CCW “endorsed” by a police authority.  Pro-gun advocates should very loudly and publicly state that they would consider supporting the measure with certain changes.  Then propose that Police officers, from the top down, should be required to lock their weapons at the police station when off duty, and that if an officer or detective is called into work off duty, they have to come to the station and sign out their weapon.   Then sit back an watch how the support from police will dwindle to almost nothing.

This WHOLE country will be better off when those who make the rules have to live with them as well.  I say we start with Chief Cathy Lanier and Adrien Fenty.  Tell Cathy she has to walk home unarmed and ditch the mayors security detail.  Lets see how they feel about the RKBA then….

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