Pirates of the Alabama 2

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Below is a reply to Cool SpringsTN from my last post….thought might make a decent post on its own!

It simple really….

For thousands of years all of Gods Creatures learned that they had to have some means of self defense. Man, being good at tool making, learned how to use tools to defend himself against other creatures, and also to hunt prey he might not have been able to otherwise bring down. They only Animal man had any real troubel with was other men. Before recorded history, Men who had not tried to take things from the men that had. The man with the better tool or stronger will prevailed. As time wore on, Man’s tools got better, however the age old struggle between the haves and have nots, continued. As we formed societies, we were generally speaking safer. Have nots had to work together in large groups to overpowere haves and take, which was not always easier, so large attacks becae fewere and far between. Consequently we began to breed people who had never had been attacked by a have not nor ever had to defend themselves. Since this new breed of man did not ever have to defend himself, he came to believe that no one needed to defend themsleves and no longer did people need to use tools for defense. People who realized that have nots still existed and could become a problem again were conciderd barbarians and deemed to have no place in a modern society. These “modern men” reasoned that if they could just get rid of the tools of defense (now called violence) then that would be that. Since they were “modern” and the others were mindless barbarians, the Moderns believed that they should run soceity since they were the only ones truly evolved enough to understand how the world works. It wasnt unitl the 20th century that these “modern men” began to really get into high ranking positions within the society, and have tried to varing degrees to remove the tools of defense from the backwards primatives who clung to them.

Meanwhile, the Have Nots never went away and continue to florish all over the world as the have thorughout the ages. The are most succesful whereever the Haves cannot or will not fight back. While there have always been individidual have nots, there have been many groups of havenots throughout history. It should be noted that “Have nots’ is a vague term for those who will attack others for gain, not nessisarily material gain, often it is power they seek.

Barbary Pirates, Ancient Rome, Nazi Germany, Vikings, Stalinist Russia, the Mafia (yeah, I know there aint no mafia) Drug cartels, Al Quedia, Yakuza, and the Somali pirates are just a few examples of the Have Nots that the Moderns dont believe we need to defend against anymore. You may recognized the “Moderns” as the Democats, Brady Center, The United Nations, VPC, Open soceity, the Million mom March, IANSA, an the British, Austrailian, and Canadian Governmants to name a few

The Primatives would be the NRA, GOA, Me, Libitarians, and pretty much anyone who belives that as a law abiding Have, you possses a God Given right to protect yourself and your family.

Back to your question: Since the “Moderns” have gotten themselves into positions of power, whereby they can dictate to the Primatives how to live, they have decreed that only those who are designated and under the control of the Moderns shall use tools of defense-and then only sparingly. Since their superioirty is ingrained, the Moderns cannot nor willnot accept any information to the contrary. The moderns also believe that the Havenots have some justification for thier actions and that useing tools of defense against them is just plain cruel or will cause more havenots to attack. the Moderns beleieve that if they could juts talk to the havenots, they could just reason with them. Primitives on the otherhand understand that havenots are very simple…if they can take somthign easier than working for it, they will. The answer therefore is to make it too risky to take somthing, and to forever ready to defend against have nots.

So the “Modern” view is that if the ships are armed, then poor misunderstood Somalis will be killed, and the ship will just become a bigger target for larger groups of better armed poor misunderstood Somalies. and more will die. Protecting against pirates should be left to the Navy with thier very tight rules of enagment to ensure that no one gets hurt, especialy the poor misunderstood Somalis

The “Primitive” Veiw is that if you arm the ships with people trained and prepared to use defense tools, it will only take a few attacks before the CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS which is after all what piracy is, learn to find easier prey.

The “Have Not”
veiw is if I can get three or four guys with AK47s aboard one of these big ships, I can make a couple of million dollars for a couple of days work! As long as I dont run into any one better armed than me, We can make a shit load of money!

I hope this explains things better?

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