UN Peacekeepers….comming soon!

Posted: December 1, 2009 in 1
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While scribbling my last post, it occurred to me to mention a thought that has bothered me and some of my confederates of late.

It should be no secret that the United Nations abhors personal freedoms, and in particular the freedom of Americans to own and use a firearm for self-defence . (Self-defence is called “escalation of violence” in UNspeak) and they are working hard to get a treaty together that would wipe out the second amendment.

What scares the crap out of me is how would the UN enforce its treaty?  Probably the same way they have tried throughout their useless existence to enforce other things…by calling in “peacekeepers” 

Unless they have a plan to dismantle the Posse Comitatus act (like I would put anything past them), they will not be able to use the American military as “peacekeepers” 

This would therefore mean brining in foreign troops onto American Soil to enforce laws against Americans!  Imagine divisions of Russian and Chinese troops unloading in Boston Harbor or LaGaurdia airport?  How about  having to show your papers to Irani soldiers while they search your home?

Go Ahead…tell me it couldn’t happen this way…tell me I am just being paranoid….Believe me I would sleep better if it were truee

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