Posted: February 4, 2009 in 1

This one should be a no -brainer, however many people who are smart enough to know better fall for this one.

There is NO Benign reason for a gun registration.  It is not a crime tool, it is not to return stolen property, that is all a lie.

The ONLY reason and useful purpose of a gun registry is because one day the powers that be intend to push”print” and send out the troops with the lists to collect the guns.  EVERY time a national Gun registry has been implimeneted since 1911 it has ALWAYS lead to a mass confiscation, almost always was followed by a dictatorship and then a genocide.  Now do you understand why gun owners oppose these “reasonable” and “Common Sense” measures?

  1. Kellene says:

    I completely agree. HR 45 is an abomination to our Second Amendment rights as a people.

    Thanks for the great content.

    • 2alago says:

      Thank you! It has spawned many states to concider resolutions reaffirming “soverignty” Which if passed in N.H. would negate the federal licening of H.R. 45. BTW, has anyone publicly noted that even if H.R. 45 went into effect 5 years ago it would not have saved Blair Holt’s life?

      May I add womenof caliber as a link?

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