The Name Game

Posted: January 16, 2009 in Freedom
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It is time once again for the Gun banners favorite pastime, THE NAME GAME!!!!!!

By changing the name of something, you can change public opinion!  This process was inherited from the advertising industry.  For example, no one wants to start their day with a couple unborn chicken embryos and torn strips of pig belly, yet Bacon and eggs is very popular. Lets take a look at what they say, what they want you to think and what it really is.

“The Second Amendment”  They want you to believe that this is the only civil right in the bill of rights that the founders never intended for “the people”.  In spite of thousands of pages of writings by the framers and other people of the time to the contrary, you are supposed to believe that this protects your state government’s right to arm the National Guard.  This is called the “collective rights theory” and since it involves only the government having guns, it is the version of the second amendment that they can “support”    The Supreme court felt otherwise and ruled that it protected an individual right-TWICE

The framers wanted to be sure civilians were armed to defend their homes and their communities against criminals, foreign invaders, or a corrupt government.  Makes you wonder why the government is so interested in gun control……

“Assault Weapon”   You are supposed to picture the image of a fully automatic military machine guns which are called “Assault rifles”.  This is term the gun ban people MADE UP!

The Assault weapon ban has nothing to do with fully auto Machine guns, those are regulated under the NFA of 1934.  BTW even during the Clinton ban, machine guns and silencers were still legal for civilians to own as they are today.  There is a special federal licence involved, but No “Assault weapons ban” proposed bans actual fully automatic military weapons, only semi automatic guns that look even a little like them.  The problem is that all semi-auto guns function the same, kind of like cars and saying that “black guns” are more dangerous than guns with a wooden stock is the logical equivalent of saying that green painted cars with a spoiler are more dangerous  to pedestrians than blue painted cars without a spoilers, and that the green cars are in more drunk driving crashes than blue ones.  The other assumption of the Gun Ban is that the people who would have bought the green cars before the ban would simply not buy any car and walk.  They expect you to believe that if a criminal cannot get a hold of an “assault weapon” they will simply give up crime.  That is bullshit of the highest order.  The only thing gun bans accomplish is restricting the purchase choices of law-abiding citizens. (which I have begun to suspect is the real reasoning behind it.)

“JUNK GUNS”    Here is yet another made up term.  You are supposed to believe that inexpensive guns are easier to obtain.  You are also supposed to believe that there are several evil gun makers out there who design and sell inexpensive guns so that criminals can kill people with them.  God forbid they make a gun for people of modest means who wish to defend themselves or enjoy the shooting sports…..

In truth, just like the difference between a Toyota Yaris and a Rolls Royce, so too are models of firearms.    A Glock 17 is about $600 whereas  a Hi Point C9 sells for around $150.  Is the Glock a higher quality firearm?  Sure is, but the Hi Point shoots the same bullets.  I’ve shot both and they both did the same job.   One is not more dangerous than another (unless in the hands Brandon Maxfield’s 12-year-old babysitter, and pointed at Brandon’s head while he pulls the  trigger, but then and only then it is a design flaw of the manufacturer and certainly NO FAULT of  the parents who left an unattended, loaded and cocked firearm in a house alone with children) 

The Ultimate irony is that bans on inexpensive firearms in the past have usually been racist act!  After the civil war, many gun laws were passed ether outlawing inexpensive firearms or taxing firearms with the SPECIFIC GOAL of keeping guns out of the hands of minorities and the poor.  This practice continues today.  In 2009  NRA filed a lawsuit with the San Fransisco Housing authority and their ban on lawful owned firearms in public housing.  Who lives in public housing?  poor people!  So every time you hear a gun banner  preach about “saturday night specials” what they are really telling you is that poor people and minorities have no right to self-defence.

“SNIPER RIFLE”  One of the ultimates.    The term “Sniper”   came from the British in India in the 17& 1800’s used it  to describe hunters who could shoot accurately enough to hit a small fast bird called a snipe (and I thought my Scoutmaster was bullshitting me about hunting snipe!)  So therefore a sniper is a marksman hunter.  Hunting animals in peacetime and hunting enemy combatants in a war are very similar (or so it would seem to me who has done neither) and use similarly set up weapons.  Since a sniper is a hunter, calling sporting arms used to hunt game a “high-powered sniper rifle designed to kill people from a distance and avoid detection” is almost a no brainer for these cheese.  Before they get to this particular ban, they will try to get rid of the “assault weapons” first, while cooing in the hunter’s ear that they are not after “hunting” guns… Yeah right, wake up Fudds!

“ASSAULT CLIPS”  This one popped up right after the tragic shootings in Tuscon.  Since “High Capacity” didn’t have enough traction and garner enough public outcry, they had to kick it up a notch.  apparently since “No one needs” to have more than, I think the magic number is now 10,  they are trying to whip up the moonbats that it is the magazine that is killing everyone, not the maniac wielding the gun.  So I can carry three 10 round magazines and add 10 second on to my day reloading and somehow this will save lives….ass clowns….

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