So this is common sense?

Posted: January 11, 2009 in 1
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 The gun on the Top is a Hi-Point 995 Pistol Carbine; the one on the bottom is a Hi-Point C9 Pistol.  Both firearms are made in the U.S. by the same company and they both fire the same bullet, the 9mm ( a bullet police no longer use as it wasn’t “powerful enough”)  Both bullets travel the same speed when they leave the barrel and will travel the same distance.  Both bullets will do the same exact amount of damage to a target.  Both guns have available 10 round magazines. Performance-wise they are identical.  For some unknown reason, President-Elect Obama and ban supporters think the gun on the top is more dangerous and in the new Assault Weapon Ban (H.R. 1022) it is listed BY NAME as a prohibited weapon.  It is supposedly more dangerous because it has a pistol grip! (Which it is supposed to have as it is a pistol carbine!)  The gun on the bottom is “OK” even though it has a pistol grip. How does this make any sense?  More over, how is an idea this poorly thought out going to make the country a safer place?  The answer is it won’t, and anyone with even a small amount of firearms knowledge knows it. 

What boggles my mind is that if you want to pass laws about healthcare, you would talk to frontline health care providers for their perspective.  If you were passing laws about the auto manufacturing, you would meet with people in the industry to gain the benefit of their intimate knowledge.  When it comes to gun laws, the anti-rights congressmoonbats do not make any effort to speak with gun owners in their constituency.  God forbid they might find a better solution to gun crime than three decades of cockamamie schemes that never stood a prayer of working.  The bad luck for America is that they will be committed to this insane gun grabbing path forever.  In order to put something in place that works, they would have to admit that they were wrong.  Can you picture Eleanor Holmes Norton having to publicly admit she has been wrong her entire career?  She would sooner donate $100 to the NRA-PVF!  So rather than make things better for everyone, our elected bats will keep letting the blood of innocents be spilled by the criminal predators rather then letting their pride get a small bruise.  It ought to be criminal….

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